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Southern Heart

Peter Deluise - Southern Heart
Jamie Hendrix Collins - Southern Heart



Peter DeLuise


Jamie Hendrix Collins

Collin (Peter DeLuise, STARGATE , SANCTUARY) is destined to get a top management position in his family's mining company. He gets a company assignment to buy a piece of land for mining. To avoid causing bad feelings with the town community, the plans are kept a secret. The longer Collin stays in the little town, the more he likes the town and in particular one woman, Tommy(Jamie Hendrix Collins). He now has to choose between his work and his heart.


"Southern Heart", Comedy / Drama. Porchlight Worldwide.

Starring: Peter Deluise (STARGATE , SANCTUARY), Jamie Collins.

The Isaac Group, AL/J. Collins, E. Carpenter.

Director: Peter Deluise.