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Greg Ammon, Alexa Ammon - 59 Middle Lane Paul Newman - The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp America Minaya, Rob DeBlois - Accelerating America Wings to Remember AmeriCares Alexandria Anderson, Bianca Knight - Fast Dreams San Cristobal Ranch Academy Yazmine Lopez - Accelerating America 59 Middle Lane Deep Ocean Odyssey AmeriCares Bev Kearney (UT Track Coach) - Fast Dreams Hole in the Wall Gang Camps - Hospital Outreach Program

"Accelerating America", Feature Documentary. CENETIC.



A year at an innovative middle school in Providence, RI.

Parrot Hill Productions, NY/ Directed by Tim Hotchner.


"59 Middle Lane", Feature Documentary. Journeyman Pictures.


Adopted twins from the Ukraine go in search of their birth

mother after their adoptive father is murdered and their

adoptive mother dies of cancer.

Fido Features (UNEAC Films), LA.

Produced and Directed by Greg Ammon.


"Wings to Remember", Feature Documentary.

Platinum Remi  Award, WORLDFEST-HOUSTON.

Documentary about a solo flight from Prague, CZ

to Lithuania in 1934 through Nazi Germany using

archive and recreation footage and animation.

Amberwings Productions, NY

Producer/Director: Giedre Kumpikas.



CINE Golden Eagle Award

15 Min. doc. celebrating the disaster

relief company AmeriCares.

Parrot Hill Productions, NY

Producer/Director: Timothy Hotchner.

Locations include Darfur, Guatemala and Indonesia.


"Hole in the Wall Gang Camps"

CINE Golden Eagle Award

10 min. documentary on the camp for kids with life-

threatening diseases founded by Paul Newman.

Featuring and Narrated by Paul Newman.

Parrot Hill Productions, NY

Producer/Director: T. Hotchner.


"Hole in the Wall Gang Camps - HOP"

CINE Golden Eagle Award

10 min. doc. on the Hospital Outreach Program

for kids with life-threatening diseases.

Featuring and Narrated by Paul Newman.

Parrot Hill Productions, NY

Producer/Director: T. Hotchner.


"San Cristobal Ranch Academy",

CINE Golden Eagle Award.


Half-hour Doc about a school for

wayward teenage boys in Taos, NM.

Passion Prods., NY / Monty Diamond.


"Paul Newman's Life: A Tribute to his Legacy"

10 min. documentary tribute to Paul Newman's

legacy of philanthropy. Edited from the

Newman's Own Film Archive.


"Thank You Jimmy Fallon",

5 min. video thanking Jimmy Fallon for his

fundraising efforts for seriousfun using

kids footage from the network camps.


"Zogsports Highlights - Play For Your Cause"

Branded intro/outro video effects sequence

and highlights of the many sporting

events where singles play for charity.


"The Culinary Caper",

Tribute to A.E. Hotchner, the co-founder,

with Paul Newman, of Newman'sOwn

using archive footage.


"Julianne Moore Thank You",

Julianne thanks attendees of a Seriousfun

Gala Fundraiser for their contributions.


"Deep Ocean Odyssey",

Short doc. about deep ocean exploration.

Registered Films/NY - Houpla/BAL

Producer: Michael Brassert.


"Saving Chicago's Neighborhoods"

State Farm Insurance and Enterprise

Community Partners are saving Chicago

neighborhoods for those who love them.


"Roundup River Camp - Selena"

Short portrait of a camper in the

seriousfun Children's Network.


"Reusable Bag Initiative",

Contest winner PSA for Mamaroneck, NY.


"Film Festival Opening Proposal",

Branded Opening Video sequence for a film festival.


"Library Branded Intro Video",

Branded Intro Video sequence for a library

to put on the beginning of their web postings.


"Library Tinker CAD Video Promo",

Video created for a library used on their website

to promote a 3D printer program for kids.


"Fast Dreams", Feature Documentary. In Post-Production.

Women’s college track, 2 of the fastest women

on the planet choose different paths to their

dream of Olympic Gold.

Starrring: UT coach Bev Kearney , A. Anderson, B. Knight.

99 Ways Prods, NY / Prod/Dir : Harry Davis.