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Jack Haigis Film / TV Editor

American Blue Note



Peter MacNicol


Tim Guinee


Charlotte d’Amboise


Trini Alvarado


Carl Capotorto


Bill Christopher-Myers


Jonathan Walker


It's the early 60's, and Jack Solow (Peter MacNicol, VEEP) dreams of playing the jazz clubs of New York City's 52nd Street with his own band. His reality is one audition after another leading to a string of gigs at weddings and out of town dives. Finally, when the band's bass player leaves the group Jack goes to Herculean and comical heights to save what turns out to be the group's last booking but acknowledges that his dream of his own jazz band has vanished. In the end Jack surprises himself, realizing that there might be more than one way of defining success.


"American Blue Note", Comedy/Drama. Panorama Entertainment.

Starring: Peter MacNicol (VEEP), Tim Guinee (IRON MAN), C. d’Amboise.

Xyrallea Productions, NY

Produced and Directed by Ralph Toporoff.