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Jack Haigis Film / TV Editor

The Attic




Elisabeth Moss


Jason Lewis


John Savage


Tom Malloy


Thomas Jay Ryan


Catherine Mary Stewart

Emma (Golden Globe winner Elisabeth Moss, HANDMAID'S TALE, MAD MEN, The West Wing) has a strong aversion towards her family’s new house. After moving in she becomes miserable and reclusive. The situation escalates one day when Emma sees someone in the mirror in the attic. Emma is convinced that someone or something is haunting her. She refuses to leave her house until she can piece the puzzle together with the help of detective John Trevor (John Lewis).

"The Attic", Horror/Suspense. New Films International.

Attic Films, NY/Prods: T. Malloy, R. Terlecki, A. Schoof, I. Robbins.

Director: Mary Lambert (PET CEMETARY).